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Hello! My name is Bashar and my purpose is to help motivated individuals achieve their professional and business goals. In fact, I've helped over 200 people develop their skills and talents since 2017. 

Why coach?

​Coaching is genuinely rewarding to me. I truly enjoy getting to know people deeply and looking for ways to help them progress their career. The job you have affects so much of your life experience. Because of that, I'm focused on helping people get where they want to be in life, walking step-by-step through that journey.


What qualifies me to be a coach?

  • Calm, curious, thoughtful & conversational personality

  • 6 years mentoring new grads & early to mid-career clients.

  • 6 years in CPG, life sciences, research, R&D, brand strategy.

  • 10 years writing & optimizing industry-focused resumes.

  • 5 years in academia across undergrad & grad studies.

  • 3 years entrepreneur real estate, personal finance, coaching.

By Bashar Salah, M.S.

My Coaching Process













Work Hard

Work Smart







What's my coaching style?

My coaching is flexible and open-ended to meet your unique needs. You can ask about and discuss absolutely anything career related. Typically, clients will explain their situation at length and then I'll help them pick out the big themes, structure their thoughts, and make a realistic plan to achieve their goals. I promise to give you my full, undivided attention with a studied perspective on your unique situation. All that delivered through a calm, curious, thoughtful, and conversational personality.

How to start?

First, schedule a Career Coaching - Meet & Greet (below) so we can discuss your situation and what you need from a coach. At the same time, we'll figure if we're a good fit for each other. If our conversation goes well and you want to proceed, we'll outline a realistic plan of action to help you achieve your goals.


What happens after that?

After our Meet & Greet, we'd schedule Career Coaching services (below) or via the Coaching Plans tab (better rates) depending on what services you need and the amount of time we agree is needed to make timely progress. My philosophy is to be as efficient as possible to save you money, but also flexible and lenient if we go over .

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